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Lose Weight with Pure Yacon Syrup

Media outlets across the globe are going insane right now. Every so often a new weight loss product hits the market that really shakes things up. Right now that product is Pure Yacon Syrup. Ever since Yacon Syrup featured on Dr Oz last month everyone from celebrities to fitness experts can’t stop talking about the product that is shedding pounds across the globe.

What is Yacon Syrup

Yacon is a natural root that can be found all over South America. This root has been a natural part of the Andean diet for generation after generation.  Yacon Syrup recently featured on the Dr Oz’s show as part of one of his thorough weight loss studies. The participants of the study used a Pure Yacon Syrup over the course of 28 days and monitored how much weight each of them lost.

The Yacon Syrup Study

The Yacon Syrup study consisted of 60 participants with each of them taking the Pure Yacon Syrup 3 times today with each of their 3 main meals. As a control each of the participants was told to continue eating and exercising as they would on a normal day. Out of the original 60 participants, 40 completely the trial. The results that followed were not only positive but quite alarming. I don’t think anything expected this syrup to yield such fantastic results.

  • Over 70% of the women who completed the trial managed to lose weight.
  • 70% of those women said they would recommend Yacon syrup as a weight loss tool.
  • 14 of those women managed to lose more than 5 pounds.
  • As a combined group the women lost over 150 pounds.

Many people were taken aback by just how impressive these results were. The Pure Yacon Syrup showed real promise when it came to losing weight quickly and effectively, as was shown in this short, but very effective weight loss trial.

How does Yacon Syrup Work?

Without getting too technical Yacon syrup is incredibly high in something known as prebiotics. Prebiotics are very important for the growth of the “good” bacteria in your gut.

Studies have shown that by promoting a healthy gut you can boost your immune system, manage your blood sugar and help you maintain a healthy weight.

How do I use Yacon Syrup?

From our own tests we have found the best results were had when Yacon was used in capsule and syrup form for at least 3 months. Many suppliers are currently only offering yacon as a capsule. This means you miss out on many of the amazing fat burning properties that Yacon Syrup produces.

If you continue reading below you will find that our recommended supplier is Yacon Diet who currently sell the product as a package in capsule & syrup form.

Once you have purchased your Yacon Diet Syrup & Capsules you should follow this daily routine:

  1. 1 capsule every morning.
  2. Another capsule with your main meal.
  3. Use the syrup throughout the day as a natural sugar replacement (It works great in tea and coffee!).

Where Can I Buy Yacon Syrup?

We’ve tried dozens of suppliers for Yacon Syrup over the last month. We’ve done our best to find you the most natural and effective syrup on the market. After lots of trial and error we are happy to say that The Yacon Diet came out on top.

The Yacon Diet

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